Part Number : R5F21257SNFP
Function : SINGLE-CHIP 16-BIT CMOS MCU / R8C/24 Group, R8C/25 Group
Maker : Renesas Electronics

Pinouts :
R5F21257SNFP datasheet

Description :

These MCUs are fabricated using a high-performance silicon gate CMOS process, embedding the R8C/Tiny Series CPU core, and are packaged in a 52-pin molded-plastic LQFP or a 64-pin molded-plastic FLGA.

It implements sophisticated instructions for a high level of instruction efficiency. With 1 Mbyte of address space, they are capable of executing instructionsat high speed.

Furthermore, the R8C/25 Group has on-chip data flash (1 KB x 2 blocks). The difference between the R8C/24 Group and R8C/25 Group is only the presence or absence of data flash. Their peripheral functions are the same.

Datasheet PDF Download :
R5F21257SNFP pdf

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