Part Number : PHPT610035NK

Function : NPN / NPN High Power Double Bipolar Transistor

Package : LFPAK56D, SOT1205 Type

Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :
PHPT610035NK datasheet

Description :

NPN/NPN high power double bipolar transistor in a SOT1205 (LFPAK56D) Surface-Mounted Device(SMD) power plastic package. Matched version of PHPT610030NK.

PNP/PNP complement: PHPT610035PK.
NPN/PNP complement: PHPT610035NPK.


• Current gain matching 5%

• High thermal power dissipation capability

• Suitable for high temperature applications up to 175 °C

• Reduced Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) requirements comparing to transistors in DPAK

• High energy efficiency due to less heat generation


• Current mirror

• Motor control

• Power management

• Backlighting applications

• Relay replacement


• Differential amplifiers

Datasheet PDF Download :
PHPT610035NK pdf

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