Part Number : P80C851FFA
Function : CMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with on-chip EEPROM
Maker : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :
P80C851FFA datasheet

Description :

The Philips 80C851/83C851 is a high-performance microcontroller fabricated with Philips high-density CMOS technology.

The 80C851/83C851 has the same instruction set as the 80C51. The Philips CMOS technology combines the high speed and density characteristics of HMOS with the
low power attributes of CMOS. The Philips epitaxial substrate minimizes latch-up

The 80C851/83C851 contains a 4k ×8 ROM with mask-programmable ROM code
protection, a 128 ×8 RAM, 256 ×8 EEPROM, 32 I/O lines, two 16-bit counter/timers, a seven-source, five vector, two-priority level nested interrupt structure, a serial I/O port for either multi-processor communications, I/O expansion or full duplex UART, and on-chip oscillator and clock circuits.

Datasheet PDF Download :
P80C851FFA pdf

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