Part Number : NT6861
Function : 8-Bit Microcontroller for Monitor
Maker : Novatek Microelectronics

Pinouts :
NT6861 datasheet

Description :

NT6861 is a monitor component  mC for auto-sync and digital controlled applications.


It contains a 6502 8-bit CPU core, 256 bytes of RAM used as working RAM and stack area, 24K bytes of ROM maximum for programming, 14-channel 8-bit PWM D/A converters, 2- channel A/D converters for key detection saving I/O pins, one 8 bit pre-loadable base timer, internal Hsync and Vsync signals processor providing mode detection, watch-dog timer preventing system from abnormal operation, and an I2C bus interface.

Datasheet PDF Download :
NT6861 pdf

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