Part Number : NJU7018M

Function : Low-voltage Operation Dual C-MOS Operational Amplifier

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type

Maker : Japan Radio Corporation

Pinouts :
NJU7018M datasheet

Description :

The NJU7018M, NJU7018 is a low voltage single-power-supply and low operating current dual C-MOS operational amplifier. The input bias current is as low as less than 1pA consequently the very small signal around the ground level can be amplified.

The minimum operating voltage is 1V and the output stage permits output signals to swing between both of the supply rails. Furthermore, the NJU7018 is packaged with a various small one herefore it can be especially applied to portable items.

Features : 

1. Single-Power-Supply

2. Wide Operating Voltage (VDD=1 to 5.5V)

3. Wide Output Swing Range (VOM=2.9V min. @ 3.0V)

4. Low Operating Current (IDD=0.75mA typ./circuit)

5. Low Bias Current (IIB=1pA typ.)

6. Internal Compensation Capacitor

Official Homepage : NJU7018 | Products | New Japan Radio (NJR)

Datasheet PDF Download :
NJU7018M pdf

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