Part Number : NJU7016R

Function : Low-power Dual C-MOS Operational Amplifier

Package : DIP, SO 8 Pin Type

Maker : Japan Radio Corporation

Pinouts :
NJU7016R datasheet

Description :

The NJU7014 / NJU7015 / NJU7016R are single supply dual C-MOS operational amplifiers featuring a low operating voltage from 1V and low operating current of 15µA/circuit (7014 typ.), 80µA/circuit (7015 typ.), 200µA/circit (7016 typ.). 

They also have a low input bias current of 1pA (typ.) and input voltage range from ground, which can provide a ground sensing, and rail-to-rail output swing in both rails.  The combination of theses specifications makes them ideal for a variety of portable devices.

Datasheet PDF Download :
NJU7016R pdf

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