Part Number : N74F776F
Function : Pi-bus transceiver / Octal latched transceiver
Maker : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :
N74F776F datasheet

Description :

The 74F776 is an octal bidirectional latched transceiver and is intended to provide the electrical interface to a high performance wired–OR bus. The B port inverting drivers are low–capacitance open collector with controlled ramp and are designed to sink 100mA from 2 volts. The B port inverting receivers have a 100 mV threshold region and a 4ns glitch filter.


The 74F776 A port has TTL 3–state drivers and TTL receivers with a latch function. A separate high–level control voltage input (VX) is provided to limit the A side output level to a given voltage level (such as 3.3V). For 5.0V systems, VXis simply tied to VCC.

Datasheet PDF Download :
N74F776F pdf

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