Part Number : MT8993

Function : Digital Telephone with HDLC(H-Phone), Intergrated digital telephone circuit

Package : DIP 40 Pin Type

Maker : Mitel Networks

Pinouts :
MT8993 datasheet

Description :

The MT8993 is an integrated digital telephone circuit which provides an on-chip HDLC data formatter (H-phone). Conversion of analog signals to digital PCM and vice versa is accomplished with an on-chip filter codec.


1. Integrated digital telephone circuit

2. Programmble recevie gain

3. DTMF / Tone generator and tone ringer

4. Single 5 volt power supply

5. Intel / Motorola bus interface

6. Not recommended for New Designs See MT9092


1. Featured digital telephone sets

2. Voice / Data terminals

4. Cellular radio set

Datasheet PDF Download :
MT8993 pdf

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