Part Number : MEM2012T25R0T0S1
Function : 3-terminal Filters(SMD) For Signal Line
Maker : TDK Corporation

Pinouts :
MEM2012T25R0T0S1 datasheet

Description : MEM Series MEM2012T Type

• Multilayer chip EMC filter utilizing a T-type circuit.
• Entirely monolithic structure results in high reliability.
• Due to closed magnetic circuit architecture, high-density installation becomes possible, and crosstalk generation is prevented.
• Steep attenuation characteristic plot. Highly effective noise suppression.
• Covers a wide range of frequencies.
• MEM2012T is a coil type EMC filter.

Computer and computer peripherals, VCRs, TVs, car audio equip
ment, printers, game machines, etc.
Datasheet PDF Download :
MEM2012T25R0T0S1 pdf

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