Part Number : MC3359DW
Function : Low Power Narrowband FM IF / High Gain Low Power FM IF
Maker : Motorola => Freescale

Pinouts :
MC3359DW datasheet

Description :

The MC3359 is designed to detect narrowband FM signals using a 455 kHz ceramic filter for use in FM dual conversion communications equipment.

The MC3359 is similar to the MC3357 except that the MC3359 has an additional limiting IF stage, an AFC output, and an opposite polarity Broadcast Detector.

The MC3359 also requires fewer external parts. For low cost applications requiring VCCbelow 6.0 V, the MC3361BP,BD are recommended. For applications requiring a fixed, tuned, ceramic quadrature resonator, use the MC3357. For applications requiring dual conversion and RSSI, refer to these devices; MC3335, MC3362 and MC3363.


Datasheet PDF Download :
MC3359DW pdf

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