Part Number : MC14534B
Function : 5 cascaded BCD counters
Maker : Motorola => Freescale

Pinouts :
MC14534B datasheet

Description :

TheMC14534B is composed of five BCD ripple counters that have their respectiveoutputs multiplexed using an internal scanner. Outputs of each counterare selected by the scanner and appear on four (BCD) pins.

Selectionis indicated by a logic high on the appropriate digit select pin. Both BCDand digit select outputs have three–state controls providing an “open–circuit”whenthese controls are high and allowing multiplexing.

Cascadingmay be accomplished by using the carry–out pin. The counters andscanner can be independently reset by applying a high to the counter masterreset (MR) andthe scanner reset (SR). The MC14534B was specificallydesigned for applicationin real time or event counters where
continual updating and multiplexed displays are used.

Datasheet PDF Download :
MC14534B pdf

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