Part Number : MC10H176L
Function : Hex D Master-Slave Flip-Flop / Power Dissipation 460 mW
Maker : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
MC10H176L datasheet

Description :

The MC10H176 contains six master slave type D flip−flops with a common clock. This MECL 10H™part is a functional/pinout duplication of the standard MECL 10K family part, with 100%
improvement in clock frequency and propagation delay and no increase in power−supply current.

* Propagation Delay, 1.7 ns Typical
* Power Dissipation, 460 mW Typical
* Improved Noise Margin 150 mV (Over Operating Voltage and Temperature Range)
* Voltage Compensated
* MECL 10K Compatible
* Pb−Free Packages are Available*

Datasheet PDF Download :
MC10H176L pdf

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