Part Number : MAX4667EPE
Function : 2.5om, quad, SPST, CMOS analog switch (two NC switches).
Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
MAX4667EPE datasheet

Description :

The MAX4667/MAX4668/MAX4669 dual analog switches feature low on-resistance of 2.5Ωmax.

On-resistance is matched between switches to 0.5Ωmax and is flat (0.5Ω max) over the specified signal range.

Each switch can handle Rail-to-Rail®analog signals.

The off-leakage cur rent is only 5nA max at +85°C.

These analog switches are ideal in low-distortion applications and are the preferred solution over mechanical relays in automatic test equipment or applications where current switching is required.

They have low power requirements, use less board space, and are more reliable than mechanical relays.

Datasheet PDF Download :
MAX4667EPE pdf

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