Part Number : MAX4626EUK-T
Function : 0.5Ω, Low-Voltage, Single-Supply SPST Analog Switches
Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
MAX4626EUK-T datasheet

Description : ♦Low RON
0.5Ωmax (+5V Supply)
0.9Ωmax (+3V Supply)
♦0.1Ωmax RONFlatness (+5V Supply)
♦Overcurrent Protection
♦Single-Supply Operation (+1.8V to +5.5V)
♦Available in SOT23 Packages
♦Fast Switching: tON= 50ns max, tOFF= 30ns max
♦TTL-Logic Compatible at +5V
♦Pin Compatible with MAX4514 (MAX4626)
Pin Compatible with MAX4515 (MAX4627)
Datasheet PDF Download :
MAX4626EUK-T pdf

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