Part Number : MAX1744
Function : High-Voltage / Step-Down DC-DC Controller in MAX
Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
MAX1744 datasheet

Description :

General Description
The MAX1744/MAX1745 are step-down DC-DC controllers capable of handling up to 36V inputs. These parts use a proprietary current-limited control scheme for excellent light- and full-load efficiency, while their 330kHz (max) switching frequency permits small exter
nal components for space-critical applications.
Operation to 100% duty cycle permits the lowest possible dropout voltage. The MAX1744 contains an internal feedback network that provides a pin-selectable output voltage of either 3.3V or 5V. The MAX1745 uses an external feedback network to generate an adjustable output voltage between 1.25V and 18V.
The MAX1744/MAX1745 are available in a space-saving 10-pin μMAX®package.

♦High-Voltage Operation (Up to 36V IN)
♦Efficiency > 90%
♦Output Power Capability Exceeds 50W
♦10-Pin µMax Package
♦Low-Dropout Voltage
♦100% (max) Duty Cycle
♦90µA Quiescent Current
♦4µA Shutdown Current
♦Up to 330kHz Switching Frequency
♦Output Voltage
5V or 3.3V (MAX1744)
Adjustable 1.25V to 18V (MAX1745)
♦Current-Limited Control Scheme

Datasheet PDF Download :
MAX1744 pdf

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