Part Number : MAC997
Function : Sensitive Gate Triacs Silicon Bidirectional Thyristors
Maker : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
MAC997 datasheet

Description :

•One−Piece, Injection−Molded Package
•Blocking Voltage to 600 Volts
•Sensitive Gate Triggering in Four Trigger Modes (Quadrants) for all possible Combinations of Trigger Sources, and especially for Circuits that Source Gate Drives
•All Diffused and Glassivated Junctions for Maximum Uniformity of Parameters and Reliability
•Improved Noise Immunity (dv/dt Minimum of 20 V/μsec at 110°C)
•Commutating di/dt of 1.6 Amps/msec at 110°C
•High Surge Current of 8 Amps
•Device Marking: Device Type, e.g., for MAC997A6: MAC7A6, Date Code

Datasheet PDF Download :
MAC997 pdf

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