Part Number : M5M5V416BTP
Function : 4194304-BIT (262144-WORD BY 16-BIT) CMOS STATIC RAM

Pinouts :
M5M5V416BTP datasheet

Description :

The M5M5V416B is a f amily of  low  voltage 4-Mbit static RAMs organized as 262,144-words by  16-bit,  fabricated by  Mitsubishi's high-performance 0.25µm CMOS technology.
The M5M5V416B is suitable  for memory  pplications where a simple interf acing , battery  operating and battery backup are the important design objectives.

M5M5V416BTP,RT are packaged in a 44-pin 400mil thin small outline package. M5M5V416BTP (normal lead bend ty pe package) , M5M5V416BRT (reverse lead bend type package) , both types are very easy to design a printed circuit board.

From the point of operating temperature, the family is divided into three versions; "Standard", "W-v ersion", and "I-v ersion". Those are summarized in the part name table below.

Datasheet PDF Download :
M5M5V416BTP pdf

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