Part Number : M38B57MC-XXXFP
Maker : Renesas Electronics

Pinouts :
M38B57MC-XXXFP datasheet

Description :

The 38B5 group is the 8-bit microcomputer based on the 740 family core technology.
The 38B5 group has six 8-bit timers, a 16-bit timer, a fluorescent display automatic display circuit, 12-channel 10-bit A-D converter, a serial I/O with automatic transfer function, which are available for controlling musical instruments and household appliances.

The 38B5 group has variations of internal memory size and packaging. For details, refer to the section on part numbering.  For details on availability of microcomputers in the 38B5 group, refer to the section on group expansion.

Datasheet PDF Download :
M38B57MC-XXXFP pdf

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