Part Number : LT1039CN
Function : RS232 Driver/Receiver with Shutdown
Maker : Linear Technology

Pinouts :
LT1039CN datasheet

Description :

The LT1039 is a triple RS232 driver/receiver that in cludes shutdown. Each receiver will accept up to ±30V input and can drive either TTL or CMOS logic. The RS232 drivers accept TTL logic inputs and output RS232 voltage levels. The outputs are fully protected against overload and can be shorted to ground or up to ±30V without damage to the drivers.

Additionally, when the system is shut down or power is off, the outputs are in a high impedance state allowing data line sharing. Bipolar circuitry makes this driver/receiver exceptionally rugged
against overloads and immune to latchup.

A BIAS pin allows one receiver to be kept on while the rest of the part is shut down.
The LT1039 is also available in the 16-pin version, without shutdown or BIAS pin functions.

Datasheet PDF Download :
LT1039CN pdf

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