Part Number : LS6J1M-5D
Function : Surface mountable illuminated switch. LS6J, LS6U Series

Pinouts :
LS6J1M-5D datasheet

Description :

1.The small size of switches allows a high level of frexibility in layout, with the two different thicknesses available, permitting greater freedom of combination with other components,
making set design simple.

2. LEDs are fitted on each corner of the switch, in the following combinations:
1LED (1 color×1); 2 LEDs (2 color or 1 color×2), and 4 LEDs (max. 2 colors). A switch without LED is also available.

3. Refiow soldering is possible using a reflow furnace.

Datasheet PDF Download :
LS6J1M-5D pdf

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