Part Number : LM399
Function : Precision Reference
Maker : Linear Technology

Pinouts :
LM399 datasheet

Description : DESCRIPTION
The LM199/LM399 precision shunt reference features
excellent temperature stability over a wide range of voltage,
temperature and operating current conditions. A
stabilizing heater is incorporated with the active Zener on
a monolithic substrate which nearly eliminates changes in
voltage with temperature. The subsurface Zener operates
over a current range of 0.5mA to 10mA, and offers minimal
noise and excellent long-term stability.
Ideal applications for the LM199/LM399 include digital voltmeters,
precision calibration equipment, current sources
and a variety of other precision low cost references. A 10V
buffered reference application is shown below.

6.95V Shunt Reference
■ Guaranteed 0.5ppm/°C Temperature Coeffi cient
■ Guaranteed 1Ω Maximum Dynamic Impedance
■ Guaranteed 20μVRMS Maximum Noise
■ Guaranteed Initial Tolerance of 2%
■ Wide Operating Current Range
■ Available in 4-Lead TO-46 Metal Can
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LM399 pdf

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