Part Number : LDC1041

Function : 8-bit Rp, 24-bit L Inductance-to-Digital Converter with SPI / Remote sensor placement

Package : WSON 16 Pin Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
LDC1041 datasheet

Description :

Inductive sensing is a contactless, short-range sensing technology enabling high-resolution and low cost position sensing of conductive targets, even in harsh environments. Using a coil or spring as a sensor, the LDC1041 inductance-to-digital converter provides system designers a way to achieve high performance and reliability at a lower system cost
than other competing solutions.

The LDC1041 is pin compatible with the LDC1000 (16-bit Rp/24-bit L) and the LDC1051 (8-bit Rp). This family of devices offers system designers different resolution options based on their application and system requirements. The LDC1041 is available in a 5mm x 4mm WSON-
16 package. Device programming via SPI allows for easy configuration using a microcontroller.

Datasheet PDF Download :
LDC1041 pdf

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