Part Number : ISO7131CC
Function : 4242-Vpk Small-Footprint and Low-Power Triple and Quad Channels Digital Isolators / Small QSOP-16 Package
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
ISO7131CC datasheet

Description :

ISO7131, ISO7140, and ISO7141 provide galvanic isolation up to 2500 V RMS for 1 minute per UL and 4242 V PK per VDE. ISO7131 has three channels with two forward and one reverse-direction channels. ISO7140 and ISO7141 are quad-channel isolators; ISO7140 has four forward, ISO7141 has three forward and one reverse direction channels.

These devices are capable of 50 Mbps maximum data rate with 5V supplies and 40Mbps maximum data rate with 3.3V or 2.7V supplies, with integrated filters on the inputs for noise-prone applications.
The suffix F indicates that default output state is low; otherwise, the default output state is high (see Table 1).

Datasheet PDF Download :
ISO7131CC pdf

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