Part Number : HCPL-0211-060E

Function : (HCPL-xxxx) Very High CMR / Wide VCC Logic Gate Optocouplers

Maker : Avago Technologies

Pinouts :
HCPL-0211-060E datasheet

Description :

The HCPL-22XX, HCPL-02XX, and HCNW22XX are optically-coupled logic gates. The HCPL-22XX, and HCPL-02XX contain a GaAsP LED while the HCNW22XX contains an AlGaAs LED. The detectors have totem pole output stages and optical receiver input stages with built-in Schmitt triggers to provide logic-compatible waveforms, eliminating the need for additional waveshaping.

Datasheet PDF Download :
HCPL-0211-060E pdf

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