Part Number : GM76C8128CL

Function : 131,072 words x 8 bit CMOS static RAM, low power, 85ns

Package : DIP, SOP, TSSOP 32 Pin Type

Maker : LG

Pinouts :
GM76C8128CL datasheet

Description :

The GM76C8128CL / GM76C8128CLL is a 1,048,576 bits static random access memory organized as 131,072 words by 8 bits. Using a 0.6um advanced CMOS technology and it provides high speed operation with minimum cycle time of 55/70/85ns.

The device is placed in a low power standby mode with /CS1 high or CS2 low and the output enable (/OE) allows fast memory access. Thus it is suitable for high speed and low power applications, especially where battery back-up is required.


1. Completely Static RAM : No Clock or Timing Strobe Required

2. Equal Access and Cycle Time

3. TTL compatible inputs and outputs

4. Capability of Battery Back-up Operation

5. Single + 5V+/-10% Operation

Datasheet PDF Download :
GM76C8128CL pdf

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