Part Number : EN29F040-90PI
Function : 4 Megabit (512K x 8-bit) flach memory. Speed 90ns. 5.0V operation for read/write/erase operations.
Maker : Eon Silicon Solution

Pinouts :
EN29F040-90PI datasheet

Description : The EN29F040 is a 4-Megabit, electrically erasable, read/write non-volatile flash memory. Organized into 512K words with 8 bits per word, the 4M of memory is arranged in eight uniform sectors of 64Kbytes each. Any byte can be programmed typically in 10µs. The EN29F040 features 5.0V voltage read and write operation, with access times as fast as 45ns to eliminate the need for WAIT states in high-performance microprocessor systems.
Datasheet PDF Download :
EN29F040-90PI pdf

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