Part Number : DS80C320
Function : High-Speed/Low-Power Microcontrollers
Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
DS80C320 datasheet

Description :

The DS80C320/DS80C323 are fast 80C31/80C32-compatible microcontrollers. Wasted clock and memory cycles have been removed using a redesigned processor core. As a result, every 8051 instruction is executed between 1.5 and 3 times faster than the original for the same crystal speed.

Typical applications see a speed improvement of 2.5 times using the same code and same crystal. The DS80C320 offers a maximum crystal rate of 33MHz, resulting in apparent execution speeds of 82.5MHz (approximately 2.5X).

The DS80C320/DS80C323 are pin compatible with all three packages of the standard 80C32 and offer the same timer/counters, serial port, and I/O ports. In short, the devices are extremely familiar to 8051 users, but provide the speedof a 16-bit processor.


Available in 40-Pin DIP, 44-Pin PLCC, and 44-Pin TQFP

Datasheet PDF Download :
DS80C320 pdf

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