Part Number : DF9B-31P-1V
Function : 1mm Pitch SMT Board to Board Connector(Standard Interface Connector Compliant with VESA FPDI-1)

Pinouts :
DF9B-31P-1V datasheet

Description : ■ Features
1. Compliant with the VESA FPDI-1 Standard Interface Connector
The 31 and 41 contact connectors comply with the standard connector specification for the flat panel display interface, which U.S VESA. has selected as FPDI-1.VESA: Video Electronics Standards Association
FPDI-1: Flat Panel Display Interface

2. Perfect Mis-insertion Prevention
The mating area is designed in a trapezoidal structure, and perfectly prevents the mis-insertion despite the miniature size.

3. Equipped with Easy Lock Mechanism
The easy lock mechanism assures the firm insertion and extraction properties as well as the insertion/extraction feeling touch.
Datasheet PDF Download :
DF9B-31P-1V pdf

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