Part Number : DF22BL-1S-7.92C

Function : 7.92 mm Contact Pitch/ High-Current Connectors for Internal Power Supplies 


Image :
DF22BL-1S-7.92C datasheet

Description :

1. 30 A maximum current
Single position connector can carry current of 30 A with #10 AWG conductor. Please refer to Table #1 for current ratings for multi position connectors using other conductor sizes.

2. Complete Locking Function
Reliable interior lock protects mated connectors from accidental disconnection.

3. Prevention of Incorrect Connections
To prevent incorrect connection when using multiple connectors having the same Number of contacts, 3 product types having different mating configurations are available.

4. Molded-in contact retention tabs
Handling of terminated contacts during the crimping is easier and avoids entangling of wires, since there are no protruding metal tabs.

Datasheet PDF Download :
DF22BL-1S-7.92C pdf

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