Part Number : DBT138-600
Function : Triac / Sensitive Gate - Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage : 600V
Maker : Unspecified

Pinouts :
DBT138-600 datasheet

Description :

This device is sensitive gate triggering triac suitable for direct coupling to TTL, HTL, CMOS and application such as various logic functions,medium power AC switching applications, such as fan speed control, lighting controllers and home appliance equipment.


* Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage : 600V
* R.M.S On-State Current ( IT(RMS)= 12 A )
* High Commutation dv/dt
*  Sensitive Gate Triggering 3 Mode ( I GT= 10mA)
*  Non-isolated Type

Datasheet PDF Download :
DBT138-600 pdf

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