Part Number : CSL2050D
Function : 20~50mA Current detection CMOS+MR Monolithic Current Sensor Switch
Maker : AnaSem Semiconductors

Pinouts :
CSL2050D datasheet

Description :

CSL series are AC or DC current sensor switch with CMOS+MR monolithic structure. The current from 10 to 200mA can be measured in high accuracy by the resistance of 10mΩ. It is molded in a micro SOT-26 package because of a monolithic structure.

Because the bridge structure of MRis adopted for the current detection, high sensitivity and high accuracy temperature characteristic have been achieved. The measurement and the direction of the current value can be measured at the same time.

The detection current value of the switch is fixed by laser trim. The measurement up to 800mA is possible in CSM and CSH series.

Datasheet PDF Download :
CSL2050D pdf

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