Part Number : BQ26150
Function : Battery Pack Security & Authentication IC For Portable Applications
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
BQ26150 datasheet

Description : Description

The bq26150 provides a method to authenticate battery packs, ensuring that only packs manufactured by authorized sub-contractors are used in the end application. The bq26150 uses a 96-bit unique device ID, device unique 16-bit seed, and a 16-bit device specific CRC to provide security. The device ID, CRC seed, and CRC polynomial coefficients are stored securely in each bq26150 device, allowing the host to authenticate each pack.

The bq26150 communicates to the system over a simple one-wire, bidirectional serial interface.

. Provides Authentication of Battery Packs Through a Programmable CRC With a 96-bit Unique Device ID
. 16 Bytes of User-Programmable Nonvolatile Memory
. 12.5 KV IEC ESD Protection on HDQ Input
. Internal Time-Base Eliminates External Crystal Oscillator
. Low-Power Operating: <30 µA
. Single-Wire HDQ Interface
. Powered Directly From the Communication Bus
. Pass-Through HDQ Version Supports Existing Packs With Gas Gauges
. Small 5-Pin SC 70 package

. Cellular Phones
. PDA and Smart Phones
. MP3 Players
. Digital Cameras
. Internet Appliances
. Handheld Devices
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BQ26150 pdf

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