Part Number : AT45DB011D

Function : 1-megabit 2.7-volt Minimum DataFlash

Package : SOIC, UDFN 8 Pin Type

Maker : Adesto ( )

Pinouts :
AT45DB011D datasheet

Description :

The Adesto AT45DB011D is a 2.7V, serial-interface Flash memory ideally suited for a wide variety of digital voice-, image-, program code- and data-storage applications.

The AT45DB011D supports RapidS serial interface for applications requiring very high speed operations. RapidS serial interface is SPI compatible for frequencies up to 66MHz. Its 1,081,344-bits of memory are organized as 512 pages of 256-bytes or 264-bytes each.

Datasheet PDF Download :
AT45DB011D pdf

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