Part Number : APL5525-AKAC-TR
Function : 3.9 V, Dual channel 500 mA regulator + reset IC
Maker : Anpec Electronics

Pinouts :
APL5525-AKAC-TR datasheet

Description :

General Description
The APL5525/6 is a dual-channel regulator with reset function (specific voltage monitoring), and internal delay circuit, set to detect 3.9V or 4.2V. Maximum
input voltage is 6V, output1 and output2 deliver up to 500mA. VOUT1typical dropout voltage is 550mV at 500mA loading and VOUT2typical dropout voltage is
630mV at 500mA loading. Design with an internal Pchannel MOSFET pass transistor, the APL5525/6 maintains a low supply current. Other features include, thermal-shutdown protection, current limit protection to ensure specified output current. The APL5525/6
come in miniature SOP-8 and SOP-8-P packages.

•Low Quiescent Current : 130µA (No load)
•Low Dropout Voltage :
•Fixed Output Voltage :
•Stable with 4.7µF Output Capacitor
•Stable with Aluminum, Tantalum or Ceramic
•Reverse Current Protection
•No Protection Diodes Needed
•Built in Thermal Protection
•Fast Transient Response
•Short Setting Time
•SOP-8, SOP-8-P with Thermal Pad Packages
•Adjustment-free Reset Detection Voltage :3.9V or 4.2V typ
•  Easy to Set Delay Time from Voltage  Detection to Reset Release

Datasheet PDF Download :
APL5525-AKAC-TR pdf

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