Part Number : AM79C972BKC
Function : PCnetTM-FAST+ enhanced 10/100 Mbps PCI Ethernet controller with OnNow support
Maker : Advanced Micro Devices

Pinouts :
AM79C972BKC datasheet

Description :

The Am79C972 PCnet-FAST+ controller is a highly integrated 32-bit full-duplex, 10/100-Megabit per second (Mbps) Ethernet controller solution, designed to address high-performance system application requirements.

It is a flexible bus mastering device that can be used in any application, including network-ready PCs and bridge/router designs. The bus master architecture provides high data throughput and low CPU and system bus utilization. The Am79C972 controller is fabri
cated with advanced low-power 3.3-V CMOS process to provide low operating current for power sensitive applications.

The Am79C972 PCnet-FAST+ controller also has several enhancements over its  predecessor, the Am79C971 PCnet-FASTdevice. In addition to integrating the SRAM on chip, it further reduces system implementation cost by the addition of a new EEPROM programmable pin (PHY_RST), an internal oscillator circuit eliminating the need for an external crystal, and the integration of the PAL function needed for Magic Packet application. The PHY_RST pin is implemented to reset the external PHY without increasing the load to
the PCI bus and to block RSTto the PHY when PG input is LOW.

Datasheet PDF Download :
AM79C972BKC pdf

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