Part Number : AD8274

Function : Very Low Distortion, Precision Difference Amplifier

Package : MSOP, SOIC 8 Pin type

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD8274 datasheet

Description :

The AD8274 is a difference amplifier that delivers excellent ac and dc performance. Built on Analog Devices, Inc., proprietary iPolar® process and laser-trimmed resistors, AD8274 achieves a
breakthrough in distortion vs. current consumption and has excellent gain drift, gain accuracy, and CMRR. Distortion in the audio band is an extremely low 0.00025% (112 dB) at a gain of ½ and 0.00035% (109 dB) at a gain of 2 while driving a 600 Ω load With supply voltages up to ±18 V (+36 V single supply), the AD8274 is well suited for measuring large industrial signals. Additionally, the part’s resistor divider architecture allows it to measure voltages beyond the supplies.


1. Very low distortion
2. Drives 600 Ω loads
3. Excellent gain accuracy
4. 0.03% maximum gain error
5. 2 ppm/°C maximum gain drift
6. 20 V/μs minimum slew rate
7. 800 ns to 0.01% settling time
8. High accuracy dc performance


1. ADC driver
2. High performance audio
3. Instrumentation amplifier building blocks
4. Level translators
5. Automatic test equipment
6. Sine/cosine encoders


Datasheet PDF Download :
AD8274 pdf

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