Part Number : AD5378

Function : 32-Channel, 14-Bit, Parallel and Serial Input, Bipolar Voltage Output DAC

Package : 108-Pin CSP-BGA Type

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD5378 datasheet

Description :

The AD5378 contains 32 14-bit DACs in one CSPBGA package. The AD5378 provides a bipolar output range determined by the voltages applied to the VREF(+) and VREF(−) inputs. The maximum output voltage span is 17.5 V, corresponding to a bipolar output range of −8.75 V to +8.75 V, and is achieved with reference voltages of VREF(−) = −3.5 V and VREF(+) = +5 V. The AD5378 guarantees operation over a wide VSS/VDDsupply range from ±11.4 V to ±16.5 V. The output amplifier headroom requirement is 2.5 V operating with a load current of 1.5 mA, and 2 V operating with a load current of 0.5 mA.


1. 32-channel DAC
2. Guaranteed monotonic to 14 bits
3. Buffered voltage outputs
4. Maximum output voltage span of 17.5 V
5. System calibration function allowing user-programmable offset and gain
6. Pseudo differential outputs relative to REFGND
7. DSP/microcontroller-compatible 3-wire serial interface
8. 2.5 V to 5.5 V JEDEC-compliant digital levels
9. SDO daisy-chaining option
10. Power-on reset
11. Digital reset (RESETpin and soft reset function)


1. Level setting in automatic test equipment (ATE)
2. Variable optical attenuators (VOAs)
3. Optical switches
4. Industrial control systems


Datasheet PDF Download :
AD5378 pdf

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