Part Number : AD5372

Function : 32-Channel, 16-Bit, Serial Input, Voltage Output DAC

Package : 64-lead LQFP and 64-lead LFCSP Type

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD5372 datasheet

Description :

The AD5372 / AD5373 contain 32 16-/14-bit DACs in 64-lead LQFP and LFCSP packages. The devices provide buffered voltage outputs with a nominal span of 4× the reference voltage. The gain and offset of each DAC can be independently trimmed to remove errors. For even greater flexibility, the device is divided into four groups of eight DACs. Two offset DACs allow the output range of the groups to be altered. Group 0 can be adjusted by Offset DAC 0, and Group 1 to group 3 can be adjusted by Offset DAC 1. The AD5372/AD5373 offer guaranteed operation over a wide supply range: VSSfrom −16.5 V to −4.5 V and VDD from 9 V to 16.5 V. The output amplifier headroom requirement is 1.4 Voperating with a load current of 1 mA.


1. 32-channel DAC 
2. Maximum output voltage span of 4 × VREF (20 V)
3. Nominal output voltage range of −4 V to +8 V
4. Multiple, independent output voltage spans available
5. System calibration function allowing user-programmable offset and gain
6. Channel grouping and addressing features
7. DSP/microcontroller-compatible serial interface
8. 2.5 V to 5.5 V JEDEC-compliant digital levels
9. Simultaneous update of DAC outputs


1. Level setting in automatic test equipment (ATE)
2. Variable optical attenuators (VOA)
3. Optical switches
4. Industrial control systems
5. Instrumentation

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AD5372 pdf

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