Part Number : A3V56S40FTP
Function : 256Mb Synchronous DRAM Specification
Maker : Unspecified

Pinouts :
A3V56S40FTP datasheet

Description :

A3V56S30FTP is organized as 4-bank x 8,388,608-word x 8-bit Synchronous DRAM with LVTTL interface and A3V56S40FTP is organized as 4-bank x 4,194,304-word x 16-bit. All inputs and outputs are referenced to the rising edge of CLK.

A3V56S30FTP and A3V56S40FTP achieve very high speed data rates up to 166MHz, and are suitable for main memories or graphic memories in computer systems.

Datasheet PDF Download :
A3V56S40FTP pdf

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