Part Number : 74LCX16501
Function : 18-Bit Universal Bus Transceivers with 5VTolerant Inputs and Outputs
Maker : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :
74LCX16501 datasheet

Description :

The LCX16501 is an 18-bit universal bus transceiver combining D-type latches and D-type flip-flops to allow data flow in transparent, latched, and clocked modes.


■ 5V tolerant inputs and outputs

■ 2.3V–3.6V VCCspecifications provided

■ 6.0 ns tPDmax (VCC =3.3V), 20 µA ICCmax

■ Power down high impedance inputs and outputs

■ Supports live insertion/withdrawal (Note 1)

Datasheet PDF Download :
74LCX16501 pdf

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