Part Number : 74HC00D
Function : Quad 2-input NAND gate
Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :
74HC00D datasheet

Description : General description
The 74HC00; 74HCT00 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices that comply with JEDEC
standard no. 7A. They are pin compatible with Low-power Schottky TTL (LSTTL).
The 74HC00; 74HCT00 provides a quad 2-input NAND function.

2. Features and benefits
 Input levels:
For 74HC00: CMOS level
For 74HCT00: TTL level
 ESD protection:
HBM JESD22-A114F exceeds 2000 V
MM JESD22-A115-A exceeds 200 V
 Multiple package options
 Specified from 40C to +85C and from 40C to +125C
Datasheet PDF Download :
74HC00D pdf

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