Part Number : 5P49V5901
Function : VersaClock 5 Low Power Programmable Clock Generator / 24-pin VFQFPN
Maker : Integrated Device Technology

Pinouts :
5P49V5901 datasheet

Description :

The IDT5P49V5901 is low-power programmable clock generator with best-in-class jitter performance and design flexibility with universal outputs capable of generating any output frequency.

 IDT5P49V5901 is intended for high performance consumer, networking, industrial, computing, and data-communications applications. Configurations may be stored in on-chip One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory or changed using I2C interface.

This is IDTs fifth generation of programmable clock technology (VersaClock 5).The frequencies are generated from a single reference clock or crystal input. A glitchless manual switchover function allows one of the redundant clock inputs to be selected during normal operation.


Datasheet PDF Download :
5P49V5901 pdf

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