Part Number : 55LD019A-45-C-TQWE
Function : ATA Flash Disk Controller
Maker : Silicon Storage Technology

Pinouts :
55LD019A-45-C-TQWE datasheet

Description :

SST’s ATA Flash Disk Controller is the heart of a high-performance, flash media-based data storage system. The ATA Flash Disk Controller recognizes the control, address, and data signals on the ATA/IDE bus and translates them into memory accesses to the standard NAND-type flash media. The SST55LD019A/B/C device supports Single Level Cell (SLC) flash media. This technology suits solid state mass storage applications offering new, expanded functionality while enabling smaller, lighter designs with lower power consumption.

The ATA/IDE interface is widely used in such products as portable and desktop computers, digital cameras, music players, handheld data collection scanners, PDAs, handy terminals, personal communicators, audio recorders, monitoring devices, and set-top boxes. SST’s ATA Flash Disk Controller supports standard ATA/IDE protocol with up to PIO Mode-4 and Multi-wordDMA Mode-2 interface.

Datasheet PDF Download :
55LD019A-45-C-TQWE pdf

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