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This Part Name is B1412, 2SB1412.

This is Low frequency transistor .

This product has (-20V, -5A) PNP Transistor functions.

Manufacturers of the product is Rohm

Image and pinout :

B1412 datasheet pinout

Some of the text files within the PDF file :

Low frequency transistor (−20V,−5A) 2SB1412 zFeatures 1) Low VCE(sat). VCE(sat) = −0.35V (Typ.) (IC/IB = −4A / −0.1A) 2) Excellent DC current gain characteristics. 3) Complements the 2SD2118. zStructure Epitaxial planar type PNP silicon transistor zDimensions (Unit : mm) 2SB1412 ROHM : CPT3 EIAJ : SC-63 ∗ Denotes hFE (1) Base (2) Collector (3) Emitter zAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta=25°C) Parameter Symbol Limits Collector-base voltage VCBO −30 Collector-emitter voltage VCEO −20 Emitter-base voltage VEBO −6 Collector current −5 IC −10 Collector power dissipation 2SB1412 PC 1 10 Junction temperature Tj 150 Storage temperature Tstg −55 to 150 ∗1 Single pulse, Pw=10ms Unit V V V A(DC) A(Pulse) ∗1 W W(Tc=25°C) °C °C zElectrical characteristics (Ta=25°C) Parameter Symbol Collector-base breakdown voltage BVCBO Collector-emitter breakdown voltage BVCEO Emitter-base breakdown voltage BVEBO Collector cutoff current ICBO Emi [ ... ]



B1412 PDF Datasheet File

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