Part Number : 1N5391S
Function : 1.5A rectifier; high current capability and low forward voltage drop
Maker : Diodes Incorporated.

Pinouts :
1N5391S datasheet

Description :

• Fast Switching for High Efficiency
• High Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage Drop
• Low Reverse Leakage Current
• Surge Overload Rating to 50A Peak

Mechanical Data
• Case: DO-41, DO-15
• Case Material: Molded Plastic.UL Flammability Classification Rating 94V-0
• Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-020C
•Terminals: Finish ⎯Tin. Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208
• Polarity: Cathode Band
• Ordering Information: See Last Page
• Marking: Type Number
• Weight: DO-41 0.30 grams (approximate)  DO-15 0.40 grams (approximate)

Datasheet PDF Download :
1N5391S pdf

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