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Part Number : 2SA1121

Function : Silicon PNP Epitaxial

Maker : Renesas Electronics

Pinouts :
2SA1121 datasheet

Description :

•  Low frequency amplifier
•  Complementary pair with 2SC2618

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector to base voltage : VCBO –35 V
2. Collector to emitter voltage : VCEO –35 V
3. Emitter to base voltage : VEBO –4 V
4. Collector current : IC –500 mA
5. Collector power dissipation : PC 150 mW

Datasheet PDF Download :
2SA1121 pdf

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Part Number : ASS4148

Function : SMD Switching Diode (Io = 150mA, Vr = 75V)

Maker : Anachip Corporation

Pinouts :
ASS4148 datasheet

Description :

1. Designed for mounting on small surface.
2. High speed switching.
3. High mounting capability, strong surge withstand, high reliability.
4. Extremely thin package.
5. Lead-free device


Io = 150mA
Vr = 75V


Datasheet PDF Download :
ASS4148 pdf

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Part Number : ADS8363
Function : Dual, 1MSPS, 16-/14-/12-Bit, 4×2 or 2×2 Channel, Simultaneous Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
ADS8363 datasheet

Description :

The ADS8363 is a dual, 16-bit, 1MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with eight pseudoor four fully-differential input channels grouped into two pairs for simultaneous signal acquisition.

The analog inputs are maintained differentially to the input of the ADC. The input multiplexer can be used in either pseudo-differential mode, supporting up to four channels per ADC (4x2), or in fully-differential mode that allows to convert up to two inputs per ADC (2x2).

The ADS7263 is a 14-bit version while the ADS7223 is a 12-bit version of the ADS8363.

Datasheet PDF Download :
ADS8363 pdf

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Part Number : ADM7170

Function : 6.5 V, 500 mA, Ultralow Noise, High PSRR, Fast Transient Response CMOS LDO

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
ADM7170 datasheet

Description :

The ADM7170 is a CMOS, low dropout linear regulator (LDO) that operates from 2.3 V to 6.5 V and provides up to 500 mA of output current. This high output current LDO is ideal for regulation of high performance analog and mixed signal circuits operating from 6 V down to 1.2 V rails. Using an advanced proprietary architecture, the device provides high power supply rejection and low noise, and achieves excellent line and load transient response with just a small 4.7 µF ceramic output capacitor. Load transient response is typically 1.5 μs for a 1 mA to 500 mA load step.

Datasheet PDF Download :
ADM7170 pdf

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Official Homepage :
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